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Move to integrate – Integrative & Functional Bodywork Modul III

24. Juni 2022 - 26. Juni 2022

Integrative & Functional Bodywork Modul III

Zielgruppe: Physiotherapeuten, Ärzte, Osteopathen, Medizinische Bademeister und Masseure
Datum: 24.06.2022 – 26.06.2022
Kurszeiten: Fr-So 09:00 – 18:00 h
Ort: r.o.m.b.u.s. Akademie Saarbrücken
Referent/in: Owen Lewis
Physiotherapeut, Fachlehrer Kinesis Myofascial Integration(KMI) School, Großbritannien
Gebühr: 470,00 € zzgl. 19% Mwst / Sonderpreis/ Special price 1.250,00 € zzgl. Mwst. bei Belegung der gesamten Reihe Born to walk, Born to move und Move to integrate.
Bei Buchung des Moduls Born to move (13.-15.05.22) besteht die Möglichkeit den gleichnamigen Online-Kurs mit 50% Rabatt zu belegen.
Die Preise verstehen sich inkl. der Lernhilfen (Arbeitsunterlagen und Zugang zu Videounterstützung)/ see below: learning aids
Der Unterricht erfolgt in englischer Sprache – Übersetzungshilfe steht zur Verfügung.
Fortbildungspunkte: 30
Move to Integrate (MtI) is a new approach to assessment with dynamic postural & functional analysis. A fast and efficient client centred assessment of the whole body.

This is the middle ground between a general glance at the whole structure and specific orthopaedic tests. A logical and detailed method of examining the whole system and its inner-relationships. Move from a postural model towards also assessing function. Treatments can then be applied using table-based, standing, or exercise interventions – all with the intention to improve the client’s quality of movement and remove inappropriate strains.

  • Allowing accurate identification of the most potent place to begin treatment, without chasing pain
  • Create a tailored approach for each individual within the time available in clinic
  • Utilising Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems Model as a base our approach to postural & functional analysis lets you start asking better questions about how to improve the client’s efficiency.

Posture and movement should be metabolically economical it should not be hard work. Our tensegrity-based approach is not locked in any protocol – just based on the reality of anatomy and can be adapted to your modality. We will explore the influence of gravity and ground reaction forces in relation to real anatomy and give you the ability to see the real picture. With no jargon and no false promises. This will give you the freedom to then explore with your own lens.

The approach is simple and based in real-world anatomy, we will look at:

  • Effects of Compression – Gravity, ground reaction force and the natural coupling through the skeletal system and how it might affect soft tissues.
  • Effects of Tension or ‘Shortness’ – What is the soft tissue balance? More importantly, what has changed in the soft tissues’ ability for movement?
  • Effects of Weakness in the Tissues – Viewing the body as a tensegrity system, it requires enough inherent stiffness or tone within the soft tissues as well the bones.
  • What happens when we lose that tone and how can we get it back?

This course is designed to:

  • Train your eye and hand to improve assessments – to both feel what you see and see what you feel
  • Understand and test for all reasons for the patterns
  • Enable you to build an individual program for your client with a better idea of where to start

You will be able to

  • Describe posture with a non-judgemental descriptive language
  • Differentiate between drivers of postural compensation
  • To assess the difference between them
  • Design individualised programs for your client

Good programs come from good assessments. Although postural analysis is not a diagnosis, it’s a beginning of good assessment, the source of better questions and the start of training your eye for the efficiency of the movement.

Learning Aids included: A fully illustrated manual outlines the principles and techniques. Participants also receive access to video content to review and expand on the techniques demonstrated during the workshop.


24. Juni 2022
26. Juni 2022
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